Why not make a friend out of a potential enemy by signing a Peace Treaty?

Why shall we wait any longer for peace from the governments? We, the people, can create our own peace between ourselves! The Personal Peace Treaties are a fantastic way to do that - and to prevent warfare. The idea is simple. You find someone sympathetic from a folk, country or religious group which is in conflict with yours, and you promise each other in a treaty there three things

1. that you will never fight each other with weapons

2. that you will respect your cultural, ethnical and religious differences

3. that you will try to find peaceful solutions in view of looming conflicts.

Of course signing a treaty is not enough. But it is definitely a start. Then it's sharing experiences, discussing, going out, cooking together, having fun - and getting to know one another better.

Personal Peace Treaties can be printed out from this website.

Personal Peace Treaties can be concluded between two or more single persons and between groups. You can download the treaties here and print them out. Everybody gets a copy which will be signed by all parties. Then it can be put on a wall at home, perhaps even framed. So also your friends and relatives will see the document, and perhaps they too feel motivated to conclude a treaty with somebody.

Until now the treaties exist in 7 language-combinations. More will follow soon.

And bear in mind: the Personal Peace Treaty has no termination clause and is valid for all times, come what may. If you don't want to commit yourself wholeheartedly, you should rather forget it.

And if you are lucky to live nowadays in a conflict-free world region: Help to spread this idea. The more people who sign Personal Peace Treaties the less chance the governments have to choose war!

Don't wait any longer. Do it now.


Sign Your Personal
Peace Treaty now!

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