You may simply begin with a human being who you already know.

If you conclude your first treaty with a human being who you already know, you contribute to peace as much as through a treaty with a stranger, who you must first emotionally approach. It depends from your personality how you begin. Both steps are equally good.

The vision is an unbreakable peace network.

Neighbours, colleagues, school-classes, orchestras, universities, sport-clubs, all kinds of persons and groups can sign peace treaties. So that there is a real chance that a network will grow whose complexity cannot be overseen anymore. And this is exactly the vision: a worldwide net of peace treaties which no politician or any military can break or even tear apart and which resists war.

In conflicting regions

Conflicts increasingly develop among peoples and religious communities who live in the same areas: Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland, Kashmir, Congo, Kosovo, Tchetchenia - there are about a hundred of such centres of conflict. But in many cases friendships and personal relationships still exist and these must be strengthened and new positive relationships must be built up. For this purpose Personal Peace Treaties can be a great help.

Between states and confederations.

Treaties between people from Christian and Moslem countries are at the moment particularly important, for example between Americans and Iraqis. But also between other countries such links should be made. How quickly befriended countries can become enemies! Even from the most unexpected coincidences. You find many examples in history!

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