Let's exchange experiences!

Now, while we start our activities in the beginning of 2004, this site is still the emptiest of all. But it will become the fullest soon. Because here we are telling you about all the experience people make worldwide with their peace treaty signings and making friends with people from different cultures and social backgrounds.

Please use this site as your platform for experience-exchange. And inform us about everything which you allow us to publish here. Especially we want to especially inform about:

  • Your personal way of finding your treaty partner
  • Personal experiences in overcoming prejudices
  • Reactions of others
  • Foundations of Peace Power Clubs
  • Press reactions
  • Problems if there are any

You can be assured: if the political situation in your area makes it dangerous for you to have your name published we respect this totally. In the answering-sheet of CONTACT US you can define all conditions under which we can talk about your experiences. And if you don't want us to talk: say it. Or just don't answer. We are well motivated people just working for peace, but as you don't know us personally we also respect it if you mistrust us. But if you want, please:


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