As a peace initiative or another non-profit organisation
You can make the idea known in your media. If you are represented in conflict areas, you may also print out, copy and distribute treaties there. And you can encourage partners to the treaty to join together for active peace clubs.

As a company
Spreading the concept in tension areas, in particular if you are represented there. In this context all kinds of support, e.g. by giving enlargement copy machines to local peace groups so that they can copy and enlarge the treaties.

As a politician
Write us that you consider the peace treaty project important and worth being supported. And establish contacts to other politicians, in particular heads of states and UN representatives. Please send us also your suggestions and criticism.

As a school class
As a class you cannot only conclude a treaty with another class, but also act as godfather to peace. To this end you must bring together two classes from enemy areas and look after the process of their approach, for example via e-mails or letters in which you send them again and again ideas for things they can do together. For details please refer to GODPARENTSHOOD FOR PEACE (FAX +49 9193 - 689980).

As an ordinary human being
Simply spread the concept, conclude a treaty yourself, establish contacts to politicians and sponsors, establish contacts in trouble areas –whatever you can initiate.

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