Make it grow!

The Peace Treaties Initiative is an altruistic commitment by private individuals exclusively dedicated to the peaceful coexistence of nations who want to achieve a higher target with their modest means: the easing of the crisis spots in this world.

To be able to reach this optimistic target, we need your support. We need you and your name to motivate further people to join us. We need you and your contacts to carry on the idea. So please be a networker for us, make the idea known!

And please help with donations!

We do absolutely need your and your friend's financial support to cover at least partly the costs incurred by our worldwide activities. Very important is for example that all the explications on this website are not only written in English but in at least 20 different languages.

So please: also if you can afford just a little bit, help with a donation. The money will be used one hundred percent for this project.

Money transferrals to: Initiative
Deutsche Bank Hamburg
Account number 380343401
Bank code 20070024

Or send a cheque or cash, wrapped well in an extra piece of paper, to: Initiative
Deichstraße 25
20459 Hamburg

Please, add your email address where to send our confirmation of receipt.

Thank you.

And help us to spread the idea of Peace Treaties.

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